Collaboration Update #1


Since Will and me started our collab, we have been doing call and answer on a daily basis. I was inspired by one of his drawings which is a drawing of cyborg then I got this software that can create robotic voice…I was trying all kinds of voice patterns and it’s purely fun! It can even change the voice of Elmo from my son’s toy phone!


Listening to a sample track (🔥🔥🔥) that Hitoshi (Gozu Mezu) sent me earlier today. We have both sent a few sample pieces of our respective works back and forth. We’ve both used each other’s pieces as inspiration to create a something new. The track I am listening to draws inspiration from a cyborg digital drawing that I sent him. His music resonates with me, and we have very similar overlapping ideas. We have a good plan that is starting to take shape. The story that we are creating together is going to be very interesting, I think. Stay tuned…

Digital art photographed by Will Shintani