Collaboration Update # 2


Photo of Shion Sky Carter wearing a white plaster mask of her face
In order for Miya to make masks of each of our faces, I needed to make a cast using plaster bandages. Miya will use this cast to make the masks fit perfectly on my face! This was my first attempt at making a cast; it was a really fun process, and the fact that I’m learning new skills through this collaboration makes my project with Miya even more exciting.  
The next step: send the cast by post from Vancouver to Halifax, for Miya to work her mask-making magic! 
Photo of Shion Skye Carter holding aloft a white plaster mask of her face with Ficus plant in the corner


The idea to play with scale between the mask and the body came directly out of conversation with Shion Skye Carter as part of their collaboration exploration together.