Collaboration Update #2


Hitoshi has been uploading new music, so I listen whenever I log on… his music provides the
soundscapes for my imagination to roam freely. Here’s a sample:

music credit:Hitoshi Sugiyama

I put the music from here to this timelapse sketch that I recorded.

Audio Art: Hitoshi Sugiyama Visual Art: Will Shintani

The drawing itself is inspired by Hitoshi’s Gozu Mezu name. These Oni characters are seen here guarding the gates of hell.

Drawing of Gozu and Mezu, guarding the gates of hell
Will Shintani “Gates of Hell”


I edited Will’s time-lapse movie to synchronize with music. It was difficult and time consuming but once I got some tips, I started to enjoy editing the video!

Audio Art: Hitoshi Sugiyama. Visual Art: Will Shintani