Collaboration Update #3


Lillian and I have started into actual co-creation now, with Lillian writing the various project texts and me editing, or perhaps more accurately, suggesting edits. We’re taking Lillian’s ideas, notions, and disparate elements and forming them into a cohesive whole that will describe the project to outsiders, in the most eloquent and compelling way possible.

This will be fun. But also probably the hardest part of the journey for Lillian, who is, after all, the central creator here.

Write. Edit. Repeat.
Write without Fear.  Edit without Mercy.



Michael loved the idea of serendipity – surprises hidden for decades, found only by accident. There are two storylines – the first about searching for Mom’s best friend in Vancouver, MIORI; the second about what had happened to my family when they were deported to Japan after the war was over.  At first, I had combined both the stories and gave it the title, SERENDIPITY.  

I recorded the narrative by me, the storyteller. I found that the story is way too long to be animated in only three more months. So I divided SERENDIPITY into two separate stories. The first is WHERE IS MIORI?  Maybe like the well-known WHERE IS WALDO?  A search for a girl lost in the meandering journeys of time by her best friend, my mom, discovered by me by happenstance.  The second is THE LETTERS. Also about finding letters by chance which give me answers about what had happened to my family who were deported to Japan, after the war. 

Here are recordings of WHERE’S MIORI?  And THE LETTERS.  Each recording is 20 minutes long.  Michael and I are leaning towards THE LETTERS.

An WW2 government identification card (front side) of Lillian's mother Lily (Reiko) Hamaguchi.
The backside of the same identity card with finger print, serial number (05949) height, weight, address and occupation (houseworker)
a very old black leather photo album belonging to Lillian's mother.
a black and white photograph of three friends: Burney, Miori and Butch, all three smiling in the snow.
a sugar beet harvesting kinfe with its' hooked end.
Beet Topping knife
Steamer ship