Collaboration Update #4


The new mask I made of Shion using the plaster cast of her face and from photos she sent me. Even the inside of the mask is covered so she has options how she uses the mask in performance. It’s been mailed off to her cross country!

Shion Mask #1 front
Shion Mask #1
Shion Mask #2 angle
Shion Mask #2
Shion Mask #3 side
Shion Mask #3
Shion Mask #4 back
Shion Mask #4


My first time playing with my mask!

The mask that Miya handmade and sent to me from Halifax arrived last week and as soon as I took it out of the box, I had a burst of new movement ideas I wanted to try. I am in awe of the detailed work that Miya puts into each and every mask she creates; in this movement exploration I wanted to capture some of the minute gestures evoked by all of the tiny pieces of paper that are cut and glued to make this unique, one-of-a-kind mask. I also explored aspects of video editing that Miya and I have been researching as part of our collaboration.

My first time playing with my mask!