Collaboration Update #4


this week is chaos, and i’ve begun to write and re-write this update over and over again but my mind can’t finish the thought.

but what i wanted to share is how these last three months have challenged me creatively, thematically, and _-ly.

each update and conversation with dawn is a reminder of where i am at the moment. whether it’s a lull in time or the chaos that is this week. yet, stirring in the back of my mind is the final work we’ve yet to create.

but as time has continued, i realize our digital dream has become less about our project and more about the relationship we’ve developed through countless texts, long-winded emails and video calls.

and for that, i am grateful.


I’m on March break, but somehow my days seem to be filling up with endless “to do” lists. But my Yume partner, Kayla, is in Toronto and I’m really looking forward to meeting up with them!

I had imagined us having a lovely spring walk down by the Rosedale Valley, maybe talking to the ducks, and delighting in the signs of spring… But today, SNOW!

Ever the optimist, I’ve been practicing “Haru ga kita” (Spring is coming) on my flute. It’s a children’s song I remember hearing from an old LP when I was a child. Spring is coming!

Haru Ga Kita