Collaboration Update #5


Will's illustration of three purple and horned demons

As the details of our final submission begin to fill in, I take a moment to reflect on this project. I think everyone’s having a good experience, and it shows in the submissions that we’ve seen so far. Hitoshi has been a huge inspiration and motivation for me to push myself as an artist and keep things interesting. I even recorded a short vocal for him to tune up in one of the tracks we are thinking to include in the final submission.

i have given a lot of thought to my family’s beginnings in canada, and where we are now. The next generation, my son, is only now starting his journey. but i think about the society he will grow up in, and how much to expose him to, and when, on a daily basis… it’s intimidating and exciting at the same time.

Anyways, here is a teaser of a short sequence I put together for our final submission, using one of Hitoshi’s demo tracks


Bamboo forest 

For our final piece, I asked Will if he could create a bamboo forest. While he said he’d never seen one in person, what he drew looked just like the small grove of bamboo beside my parents’ house. I remember it being dense, dark and spooky. The squeaky sound of bamboo hitting each other gave me goosebumps but it was also relaxing. In our video, the sound of taiko and shinobue are coming through the forest along with the wind. 

Visual Art – Will Shintani 

Music – Hitoshi Sugiyama