Collaboration Update #5


Modern Buddha
Who am I / who are they
Does the mask hide
or reveal?
Process takes time (sometimes)!
watching the plaster dry.

Kayla sitting with a plaster mask on, waiting for it to dry

Modern Buddha


march 27, 2022
dear dawn,
i’m currently in montreal. last night, i saw julie for ramen. tomorrow, i’m planning to visit the mount royal cemetery. my great grandparents (ichiro and waka okauchi) are buried there.
today, i went to a portuguese restaurant and their egg tarts were amazing. this might be because they were heated up but they were goopy and soft and warm and so delicious. i ordered two to go with some lamb chops for dinner tonight. i was thinking of eating the egg tarts at the cemetery tomorrow and i imagined having a sort of conversation with their graves. i’ve never done that before (talked to my ancestors) but it was something that crossed my mind.
anyway, i got home and i noticed they forgot the egg tarts.
i have an old ube (purple yam) muffin in the car i can eat with them or maybe i can bring the last of my bagels instead.
we’ll see.
i hope ottawa is treating you well.

april 2, 2022
dear dawn,
the mount royal cemetery is huge. i knew this already but even though i picked up a map at the office when i arrived, i found myself driving in circles looking for the plot number. because the cemetery is on a giant hill, this was not easy. it also snowed that morning but thankfully, i still have winter tires on my car.
there weren’t clear numbers or signs that i could see so i returned to the office to ask for a better map. they told me that the plot numbers were on the ground so pretty much, they were covered by the snow. 🙂
eventually, i found the plot located on a little intersection in an area of the cemetery called mount murray. the last (and first time) i was here was five years ago with my dad’s cousin. he told me he would visit semi-regularly. as i stood there on monday in the -11 weather eating my bagels, i was thinking about this and of another relative who upkeeps my family’s graves in vancouver. i think that’s kind of neat and maybe i should make a point of visiting more often when i return home. growing up, my parents wouldn’t take us to do that kind of thing so before i left for ontario last summer, i visited the cemetery where my uncle and great uncles are buried for the first time since their funerals years ago.
i chatted with ichiro and waka until i was too cold and then i made my way to sherbrooke.
talk soon,

Kayla's grandparents' headstones at the Mount-Royal Cemetery in Montreal