About the project

Welcome to Yume. Digital Dreams
February through May 2022

This site tracks the developing artistic collaborations of 14 artists selected from the Japanese Canadian Artist Directory

14 artists of Japanese heritage, all representing diverse disciplines, geographies and generations.

For 4 months, they will connect online, in pairs, and create.
In a process invented entirely by their own impulses, momenta, talents and skill, each pair will fashion together one common work of art that exists solely in the digital and propagated via social media.

Nikkei … Japanese … Japanese Canadian … of Japanese descent … Identities with long histories and vivid energies.

These roots, memories, and movements continue to transform, and are attended to by the communities bound together by these realities.

Yume. Digital Dreams is an elastic process
A deepening of identity through art-making
A kindling of community through wires and screens
Sparks … Echoes … Dreams





日系人 .. 日本人 .. 日系カナダ人 .. 日本を受け継いでいる人 … 長い歴史と 鮮やかなエネルギーのアイデンティティ。


夢. Digital Dreams はしなやかな実験
火花 … 反響 … 夢